The Last Great Mystery of the Holy Land
Scholars have been debating the real location of Mt Sinai  for almost a
century, inspiring expeditions into the Holy Land to find the Lost
Mountain of God. This book is the first to comprehensively investigate
all the most popular theories for the Exodus route and Sinai’s location.
The Lost Mountain of Sinai:
EXPOSES the superficial, deficient “scholarship” of the most popular books on Mt Sinai’s location.
HIGHLIGHTS important Biblical, archeological and historical facts that most theories choose to ignore.
CATALOGUES all the relevant Scriptures, place names, actual travel times, historical references, and latest
archeological discoveries.
EXAMINES who the Egyptian Pharaohs of the Exodus were and where they were active along the Exodus route.
REVEALS the secrets of the ancient astral cult of the moon goddess Sinai, how she became the namesake
of the mountain, and how this points to a specific location.
CONFRONTS the difficult logistics of some two million traveling Israelites, and how the size of this population
determined the route the Exodus had to follow.
UNCOVERS geological formations that strangely point to Jerusalem and the Temple, as well as an uncanny
illustration of God’s redemptive plan naturally carved into this “Rock of Ages.”
EXPLORES the prophetic future of Mt Sinai in world events and why it may be important to identify the actual location of the Mountain of God before the world dictator arises.
FINDS a lost mountain hidden in plain sight; a great, soaring monument in the middle of the most beautiful
desert landscape in the world, the centerpiece of a popular National Park.
IS THE FIRST to publish the discovery of the “Face on the Desert Floor,” the colossal likeness of a young
woman in the Jordanian desert that can only be seen from space, a nearly photographic image of the “Woman of the Apocalypse” as described in Revelation 12. Find out how this face and Mt Sinai are linked.
The lost City of Petra’s Mt Sinai theory

The traditional Mt Sinai in Egypt

“The Face on the Desert Floor”  The farther back you get the more it resolves into the image of a beautiful young woman

The Song of Deborah is one of the keys
That unlocks the mystery of Mt Sinai
Over 80 illustrations, photos, charts, maps, and images from space

A book that first lays on the table all the relevant facts, then sifts through them to find the strengths and flaws of all the most popular theories for Mt Sinai’s true location

Only one mountain seems to match all the evidence without contradiction

See how easily some of the most renowned theories for the Exodus route and Mt Sinai’s location are disqualified for contradicting the Biblical account

Examine the Scriptures that predict the prominent role the real Mt Sinai will play in the apocalyptic events of the Last Days and the Second Coming of Christ.
179 pages in a unique 8x8 coffee table book format
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