Statement on Darwinism


Daniel Speck 1.8.15



“Darwinism: n A theory explaining the origin and continued existence of new species of plants and animals by means of natural selection acting on chance variations.” (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary)


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1.


The Greatest Heresy

Darwinism is a false scientific theory that contradicts the Biblical account in Genesis. It is incompatible with the Holy Scriptures and is blasphemy against God as the Creator of the Universe. It is a philosophy that is responsible for fostering the most de-humanizing and murderous social and political movements in history. It is the worst of all heresies and will be obliterated in a single day at the visible return of Jesus Christ.


Darwinism violates the most basic principal of science: every effect must have a cause

The appearance of the Universe and millions of life forms as well as the appearance of uniquely physical, intelligent, imaginative, creative, spiritual and unparalleled complex human beings, just happened to randomly occur without any cause according to Darwin’s theory. Many species show changes over time as seen in the fossil record but one species has never become another species. Darwinism is constantly confusing the origin of species, with intra-species changes. The instant appearance of millions of fully formed plants and animals in the fossil record is geological proof of God’s power to bring species fully formed into immediate existence.


Irreducible complexity makes Darwinism impossible

The principle of irreducible complexity, the fact that the parts of the complex mechanisms of many organisms have no useful purpose in themselves unless all the many parts appeared at the same time, disproves Darwin’s evolutionary theory that all the biological mechanisms found in all species must evolve through gradual changes brought about by single, successive genetic mutations as a reaction to environmental conditions over the course of thousands of years.  


Adam and Eve were created instantly

Adam and Eve, the first human beings, were special creations with eternal spirits instantly created by God Himself in the Garden of Eden exactly as recorded in Genesis. They did not evolve from any other life form and are the ancestors of all humans alive today. They passed on to all humanity not only their nature as unique physical and spiritual beings but also, unfortunately, their sin nature as well.


Only a time machine could prove Evolution

No one but God alone knows the exact age of the earth and the universe. He was the only one who was there and He is the only one who can write the book on it. No exclusively naturalist theory for the origins of the universe or life on earth can be conclusively proven because the only way to quantify it would be to go back in time to see if that is the way it really happened; otherwise it can never be more than theory, speculation and guesswork. No one has to believe in Darwinism to have an accurate and truly scientific understanding of the mechanics and origins of the Cosmos and life on Earth.


Darwinism’s derived pseudo-science: life on other planets  

There is absolutely no evidence that there is life anywhere else in the universe other than on our planet, contrary to the belief system of most of those who call themselves scientists.This creates a de facto space alien religion because this blind, pervasive faith has never had a single bit of physical data or evidence to support it.


The Space Alien Religion

Unfortunately government agencies like NASA spend billions of taxpayer dollars trying to disprove the Bible by searching for these imaginary space aliens in spite of the fact there is zero scientific evidence that any such thing even exists.  This Darwinist space alien religion has led to the wild goose chase of looking for life on other planets and wasting billions instead of doing what science should be doing: exploring the Universe to find out what is really out there. Science should be driven by honest scientific curiosity, not by an agenda to disprove the Bible and prove some atheist, leftist, dehumanizing belief system.


Mathematically impossible

Darwinism has been proven to be mathematically impossible; there has simply not been enough time for it to happen.


Darwinism is simply not logical, reasonable or factual.


Darwinism adds nothing to science. True scientific research would go on better without it.


Darwinism is under constant revision by the scientific and academic communities. Much of what was so confidently taught in the past has been thrown out and rewritten. There is no way to know which things students are being taught by Darwinists today will be rejected by Darwinists tomorrow.


Darwinism dehumanizes people

If you take Darwinism to it’s logical conclusion, then it must be said that a human being is no more important than an insect. There are no inherent ethics or morals in Darwinism. Beliefs that place a high value on human life are contradictory to the theory of Evolution. Those values must be drawn from somewhere else, usually from a society that is influenced by Judeo-Christian beliefs, in other words from the Bible, which states that we are made in the image of God to have dominion over the rest of the creation. God places human beings in an inherently and uniquely valued position that Darwinism denies.


The dark fruit of Darwinism

Darwinism has a subversive effect on religion, politics, law, academics, science, human rights and personal behavior.


Darwinism has spawned related philosophies like “survival of the fittest,” and “the human animal” which dehumanizes beliefs and leads to immoral, criminal and even homicidal behavior.  


Darwinism is a cult that has taken over most of the scientific and academic communities. Like any cult, questioning the sacred dogma of Darwinism is not allowed and is usually severely punished. It has been one of the leading causes of the repression of intellectual freedom in education and science. Darwinism is deceitfully sold as science when it is actually an anti-Theist philosophy. Darwinism is so destructive because it is so pervasive. It is the most widely held false belief system in the world. It is taught in almost every public school and college. Billions of children and young adults have had no choice but to be brainwashed into the cult of Darwinism.


Darwinism is philosophically incompatible with democratic ideals like personal freedom, human rights, free markets and democratically elected governments. It is much more compatible with Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, Globalism and other kinds of radical, totalitarian political models. Most Atheistic Darwinists are big government socialists or Marxists who have little regard for freedom of speech, freedom of  religion and democratic ideals.


Darwinism has had a major role in most of the extreme political philosophies like Nazism, Marxism, and Fascism which have led to the most destructive wars, holocausts, and human rights violations in the 20th century. Atheistic Darwinists have perpetrated more murder, oppression, violence, aggression, and tyranny than any other type of philosophical or religious group.


Darwinism has led to the murder of millions of unborn children. Evolutionist Ernst Haeckel’s discredited illustrations showing human fetuses with phony gill slits appeared in most high school biology books and helped sway the secular public into believing that human fetuses are not human. It reduces human beings to merely evolved animals. It has led to the other dehumanizing movements like eugenics, assisted suicide, racial bigotry and even racial extermination. Darwin taught that black people were inferior to whites.


Most hard core Darwinists are hostile to people of faith, Bible believing Christians especially. They are the driving force behind removing any mention of God, Jesus and prayer from public places. They spearhead the attacks on religious liberty and freedom of speech. They also fall on the side of the effort to criminalize Christianity and Biblical values.


The religion of Darwinism: Evolution as an entity

The religious nature of Darwinism can be shown in the way that scientists characterize what they refer to as evolution.  Darwinists describe evolution as something that makes something else happen.  But evolution cannot be a thing because that would mean that it has some kind of separate, definable existence. Unless evolution is an entity, it cannot do what Darwinists say it does. It’s the most absurd kind of circular reasoning: “All life forms were produced by evolution therefore there was no creator.”


Evolution itself is unquantifiable. It can’t be measured, identified, or independently described. It cannot occupy a place or volume or time or speed or have a direction or force or any other measurable attribute. It cannot think, perceive, act, react, interact, plan, or design. It cannot go anywhere, be anywhere, do anything, change anything, stop anything, make anything happen, build anything, destroy anything, understand anything or know anything. It cannot see, taste, feel, hear or smell.   


Yet you hear Darwinists constantly saying, “Evolution did this…” or “Evolution did that…” as if it were some sort of entity with transcendent powers to effect change. Its imaginary effects are frequently described with the same language commonly used to describe a divine creator.


Statements from Darwinists like, “The same solution evolution came up with…” That is the absurd assumption that evolution is something that can come up with a solution. Evolution doesn’t have a brain. Evolution would have to be an organism or a person or some type of aware entity that has perception and intention and motivation and is capable of planning a deliberate action. Evolution would have to be some type of life form to fit that statement because only life forms are capable of “coming up with solutions.” Only life forms can perceive, think and plan. A rat can come up with a solution to a problem but evolution cannot because it doesn’t have any faculties to do so. Basic matter and energy have no perceptive or intentional or problem solving abilities and are incapable of trying to do anything.


Even if every life form on the planet were to die, that wouldn’t be a problem because there is no purpose in a Darwinist universe. Even the murder of 50 million people is not a problem. A cold, dark, lifeless planet would be just as meaningful as a planet teaming with life and people like here on Earth.


Sacred dogma of Darwinism

Darwinism is filled with these types of absurdities and circular reasoning, even when that creates a scientifically impossible contradiction. Darwinist’s faith in their sacred dogma is so blind that they don’t hesitate to violate the any of the fundamental principles of science, math and logic to defend it. The Darwinist’s contention is that there is no creator, but in the same breath saying that life came into existence through evolution is absurd, dishonest, illogical, reasonless and an unscientific contradiction.


Darwinism will facilitate the deception of the beast

Darwinism will make people easy prey to the deceptions of the beast because it denies Christ and the Bible, the only light that can expose the lies and satanic origins of the antichrist and false prophet.  Darwinism’s inherent socialist, totalitarian, and globalist nature will play right along with the beast’s plans to create a totalitarian world dictatorship. Darwinist are easily deceived and will take the mark of the beast by the billions.


The truth of the Word of God will prevail


“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.” Jesus Christ


Some day every Darwinist is going to look back and wonder how he ever could have been so stupid to believe in such an obviously absurd lie like evolution. God is in the business of making fools out of those who think they are wise and unrepentant Evolutionists will prove to be the biggest fools of all.


When Jesus appears on the clouds, Darwinism, atheism, and every false philosophy and religion will be obliterated in a moment. The day after Jesus returns there will not be a single person on earth who still believes in evolution. Even the most ardent Evolutionists will admit that Darwinism was just a big lie all along.


“It is I who made the earth, and created man upon it. I stretched out the heavens with my hands and ordained all their host.” Isaiah 45:12.


“All things came into being through Him (Jesus), and without Him nothing came into being.” John 1:3.


“Behold He is coming on the clouds and every eye will see Him…” Revelation 1:7.



© Daniel Speck 1.8.15

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