1. God is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. He is the One true God in three separate Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is holy, just, all powerful, all knowing, eternal, loving, and Lord of all. He has revealed Himself through the Hebrew Prophets and through His Son Jesus Christ in the written Word. He is the only God who ever was or ever will be.


2. Jesus Christ is God in every way and has existed forever. He is the true Light that enlightens every man;  perfect, holy and sinless. He is the only begotten Son of the Father and was born of a virgin according to the Scriptures. Jesus is the exact representation of God the Father, is one with the Father but is not the Father. Although He emptied Himself and became a man, He was always was and always will be God. He was rejected by mankind and died on the Cross for the sins of the world. He was raised bodily from the dead, ascended into heaven, and now sits at the Father’s right hand. Jesus is the Messiah of Israel, the one and only Savior of the world and the only Way to know God. He lives in every born again Christian. He is coming again to gather the Church, restore Israel, judge the nations and establish His Kingdom on earth forever and ever.


3. Purpose of the Crucifixion - Jesus Christ came to earth to give Himself as the first and final sacrifice for the sins of the world. His death is a complete and timeless substitutionary sacrifice, a ransom for every sin that has ever been or ever will be committed. This gift must be received by faith in order to be ratified as an irrevocable covenant in the believer's life.


4. Eternal life is the free gift of God to anyone who receives Christ through faith and is born of His Spirit.


5. Salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone.


6. The New Birth is essential for salvation and for living a life of obedience to and fellowship with God.


7. Assurance of Salvation - Every believer can and should be assured of their salvation. It is impossible for any born again believer to lose their salvation in any way by any means. Regeneration through the Holy Spirit eternally seals and guarantees the salvation of every believer.


8. Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Every believer who receives Christ as their Savior is immediately baptized in the Holy Spirit once and for all time. No additional anointing or baptism of the Spirit or is needed or possible. Jesus Himself makes every believer complete and fulfills our every need.


9. Authority of God's Word - The Hebrew and New Testament Scriptures are the written Word of God and are historically accurate, absolutely true and exclusively trustworthy. They are the highest authority in all matters of truth, doctrine, practice, and revelation for each believer and all mankind. No other writing, revelation, teaching, experience, or supposed prophesy has the authority of God's Word. No translation is exclusively inspired or authoritative.


10. Born into Sin - Every person in the world is born into a fallen state of sin: selfish, dishonest, and hostile to God. Every person on Earth is or was on their way to judgment and punishment for their sins and an eternity in hell without hope and without God. Only faith in Christ can change the outcome of this certain fate. Sin is not only thought and action but also he natural state of the human heart. Trying to live a righteous life without being born of God' Spirit is impossible. Doing good deeds, keeping a set of rules, or following a religion have no power to change the sinful nature of the human heart.


11. The Church consists of every truly born again believer in Christ throughout the world. No single organization, hierarchy, fellowship, or authority today can truthfully claim to be the one and only true church. Jesus Christ, the Gospel, and the Word of God hold exclusive authority in the Church.


12. Baptism and Communion are the only sacraments given by Christ to be observed by the Church. Neither is necessary to be saved or to be declared righteous.


13. Satan is a powerful spiritual being, a fallen angel who became the embodiment of evil when he rebelled against God and became His adversary. Together with the the demons, he controls the world as it continues to rebel against God. He attacks and accuses believers to render them fruitless but is effectively fought with faith, truth, righteousness, the Gospel of Grace, Assurance of Salvation, and the Word of God.


14. Hell is real, an everlasting fire where those who have rejected God's salvation will be justly punished for their every sin. While there will be different severities of punishments for different types of sin, hell is an eternal, conscious, and inescapable condition of all who die without Christ.


15. We come directly to God through Christ; listen, believe, and obey His Word and Spirit without any other intermediary. No church, person, minister, group, hierarchy, ritual, theology, government, priest, doctrine, saint, family, fellowship, translation, or publication has any authority, ability, or right to come between God and the individual believer. Every believer is a priest before God, free from all spiritual authority except the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


16. Faith without works is not dead. Faith is not completed by works. Works are not the other side of faith. We are saved and made righteous before God by faith and faith alone. No one can be saved by depending upon works in any way for salvation. Anyone who believes their works can help save them is not saved and does not know Christ.


17. Obligations of the Believer - Every believer who has received Christ and has been born again is obliged to present their bodies as a living sacrifice to God. Every believer is called to live a life of faith, prayer, witness, fellowship, love, generosity, and praise in obedience to the written Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Every believer's purpose in life is to serve Christ, cultivate a love relationship with Him and His people, and bear fruit for His Kingdom.


18. The Christ Centered Life - A close, abiding relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is the most vital concern of every believer's life.


19. The End Times - The end of history will begin with sudden birth pains of a seven year tribulation, an unprecedented period of tyranny, warfare, famine, and persecution of the Church. It will spawn the rise of the Antichrist, a world dictator; and will include a series of unprecedented cosmic plagues. Immediately after the Tribulation, Jesus Christ will appear on the clouds at the Seventh Trumpet to resurrect the saints and rapture the Church as every eye sees Him. After the wedding of the Church in heaven and the pouring out of the Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath, He will return permanently to redeem and restore Israel, judge the nations, destroy the Beast and imprison Satan. The Lord Jesus will then establish a thousand year reign on earth as the King of Israel, followed by: a final conflict, the Great White Throne Judgment, the dissolution of the universe, the creation of a new heaven and earth, and the appearance of the New Jerusalem where all  believers will live with Him forever.


20. The Seventh Trumpet Rapture and Visible Return - The Church will be caught up to meet Christ in the air when He appears visibly on the clouds at the Last Trumpet, which is the Seventh Trumpet of Revelation. Neither an invisible Coming of Christ nor a Pre-Tribulation Rapture can be found anywhere in the Bible and must be rejected as a false teaching. The Seventh Trumpet Rapture is inviolable and the keystone of the chronology of Last Days prophecy.


21. The Jews and Israel - Israel and the Jews are the genetic offspring of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Kingdom of Israel will be restored to the Jews exactly as written in the Prophets when Christ returns. The land of Canaan was given by God to Abraham's descendants as an eternal, irrevocable covenant and is the sole right of the Jewish people to possess. Gentile believers have an obligation before God to bless the Jews, help protect them, and be a witness to Christ among them.



© Daniel Speck 5.14.11

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