We welcome fellowship with all Christians who share these beliefs:


1. The Person of Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man; sinless, born of a virgin, crucified for the sins of the world , raised bodily, ascended into heaven, alive forever and coming again. Jesus is the one and only Messiah, Son of God, Savior, Way, Truth, Life and Mediator between God and man.


2. Salvation and Righteousness - Salvation is solely by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, not of ourselves; not because of works, lordship, repentance or baptism. Spiritual rebirth through personally receiving Jesus as Savior is essential to be forgiven, saved, and made righteous before God.


3. The Authority of Scripture - The Holy Bible is historically accurate and absolutely true. It is the only inspired Word of God and the exclusive source of Divine truth, revelation, prophecy, practice, knowledge and authority for the Church. No translation is exclusively authoritative.


4. The Nature of God -  The only true God is one and exists as three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He alone is the Creator, Savior, Lord and Judge. God is absolutely holy, just, loving, all powerful, all knowing, eternal, sovereign, unchanging and everywhere.


5. The Atoning Death of Christ - Christ died as a substitutionary sacrifice, a complete and final atonement for sin so that all who come to Him by faith will be forever pardoned and forever saved.


6. Sin, Satan, Hell and Judgment - Sin, Satan, Judgment and eternal punishment in Hell are objective, universal realities that we can be saved from only through faith in Christ.


7. The Gospel - The Gospel is simply whosoever believes in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, as Him who was crucified for their sins and raised from the dead; will receive the free gift of eternal life, have all their sins forgiven, become born again and will be accounted righteous forever.  


8. The Church - The Church consists of all believers who have received Christ and been born again. Every believer is a priest before God, directly and solely under the authority of Christ.


9. The Second Coming - Jesus Christ will return to Earth bodily and visibly on the clouds after the Tribulation to raise the dead in Christ, rapture the Church, restore Israel, inherit the throne of David, judge the nations and rule the world for a thousand years.


10. Assurance of Salvation - Salvation can never be lost by anyone who has received Christ through faith and has been reborn of His Spirit. God’s gifts of grace are irrevocable.


11. The Holy Spirit - Every person who receives Christ is immediately baptized in the Holy Spirit once and for all time. The Holy Spirit regenerates, seals, guides, empowers, convicts, counsels and illuminates the Scriptures.


12. Prophecy and Revelation - All prophecy and revelation ceased with the completion of the last book of the Bible and the end of the Apostolic Age. Anyone since who claims to have any additional prophecy, revelation, word, vision, dream, scripture, doctrine, tradition or authority beyond what is in the written Word of God is a false prophet, a liar and a heretic.