Seventh Trumpet Rapture :

In the prophetic types of the Hebrew Scriptures

by Daniel Speck

A comprehensive study of the Biblical doctrine of the Seventh Trumpet, post-Tribulation Rapture and Return of Christ


How the prophetic types of the Hebrew Scriptures clearly illustrate the Seventh Trumpet Rapture of the Church


The extra-Biblical teaching of a pre-Tribulation Rapture and invisible return of Christ are exposed as the fabrication of a nineteenth century heretic and cult founder


172 pages

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1. Not Believing what the Bible Doesn’t Say     

2. What the Bible Does Say about the Rapture             

3. Rahab’s Seventh Trumpet Rapture            

4. Elijah’s post-Tribulation Chariot            

5. Ruth’s Great Harvest Redemption              

6. Job’s Apocalyptic Test                 

7. Daniel’s Fiery Tribulation Furnace            

8. Noah’s Rainbow Sign of the Son of Man            

9. Lot’s Pre-Wrath Escape              

10. Two Angels, Two Spies and Two Witnesses          

11. Post-Tribulation Rapture Types in the Gospels

12. Every Eye Shall See Him and the Rapture Too          

13. Crossing the Jordan and Crossing the Tribulation

14. The First Resurrection is the First Resurrection

15. The Day of the Lord will not come until…           

16. Pre-Tribulation Inventions and Misinterpretations

17. The Victory of the Church in the Tribulation        

18. The Test for All Mankind            

19. Israel in the Tribulation            

20. Overview of the Last Days            

21. The Woman at the Well and 2030          



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Clear Biblical proof that the appearance of Jesus Christ and the Rapture will take place at the Seventh Trumpet can be found in the prophetic types of the Hebrew Scriptures. These stories from Israel’s history paint an unmistakable picture of the exact sequence of Last Days events and help clarify New Testament Scriptures which prophecy of a post-Tribulation rapture. The battle of Jericho, Elijah’s chariot of fire, the days of Lot, and Daniel’s fiery furnace all reveal explicit details about the approaching Apocalypse and settle the controversial question of when Jesus will appear on the clouds to gather the Church.



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